Michael published the agenda for TCPM Vancouver Meeting and there are lot of items on the list this time. The following list is sorted by personal interest:

  • Proportional Rate Reduction for TCP
  • TCP Fast Open
  • Increasing TCP's Initial Window
  • Impact of IW10 on Interactive Real-Time Communication
  • Additional negotiation in the TCP Timestamp Option field during the TCP handshake
  • TCP and SCTP RTO Restart
  • More Accurate ECN Feedback in TCP
  • TCP Loss Probe (TLP): An Algorithm for Fast Recovery of Tail Losses
  • Evaluating TCP Laminar
  • Highly Efficient Selective Acknowledgement (SACK) for TCP
  • Shared Use of Experimental TCP Options
  • A TCP Authentication Option NAT Extension
  • RFC 1323bis
  • HOST_ID TCP Options: Implementation and Preliminary Test Results
  • Shared Memory Communications over RDMA
  • Processing of IP Security/Compartment and Precedence Information by TCP
  • Processing of TCP segments with Mirrored End-points

I am especially interested in Ilpo's Interactive Real-Time Communication IW10 talk.

BTW: 9am PDT (UTC-7) will be 18:00:00 CEST (UTC+2)