The development of captcp flatten out: no more features where implemented in the last months. Today I merges a branch from Gábor Molnár to print TCP stream throughputs separately. New option is can be enables via -x. Many thanks Gábor!

This time I used the github merge feature the first time. I rarely use github features. For me it was (and still is) a public git hoster. But Github features like included issue tracking and the whole collaboration thing is great!

Sourceforge was fine some years ago, but they missed to adjust their tooling. This for the second time! Years back I used sourceforge daily, at that time with CVS. With the advent of Subversion Sourceforge missed to support subversion too. - they focused on CVS. I switched from sourceforge to (which was a sourceforge clone but with subversion support). And now they missed to reorganize their model to a more distributed, fast-dev, easy-commit style model. Sad, really sad! But hey, this is how innovation works.

I have some more TODOs on my captcp list. But they are currently not high priority. If you had some ideas or (better) patches: you are welcome! ;-)