Due to a server move some IP addresses as well as certificates changed. In the next week I will publish the server certificates too. If you detect some broken links please drop me an email. This includes links to git repositories too.

$ dig +retry=0 +qr jauu.net A | egrep '.*jauu\.net.*[[:digit:]]' -
jauu.net.   1242  IN  A
$ dig +retry=0 +qr jauu.net AAAA | egrep '.*jauu\.net.*[[:digit:]]' -
jauu.net.   1233  IN  AAAA  2001:4d88:1ffa:82:880:aa0:9009:f00d
$ dig +retry=0 +qr jauu.net MX | egrep '.*jauu\.net.*[[:digit:]]' -
jauu.net.   3600  IN  MX  100 jauu.net.

I further modified this blog. A homemade static site generator was used to build this blog since day 0. But I had no pagiation support so I decided to switch to Pelican. A clean and simple static site generator programmed in Python. I am no designer/web-developer but I hope that the design is acceptable?! The background image was taken 2010 in New York at a short trip with a colleague: Patrick Rehm.