My baby was my lovely Canon EOS 7D. And I lost the camera during the flight back from the IETF meeting in Beijing/China to Frankfurt/Germany. It is a story about how scatterbrained a man can be. ;-)


I deposited the camera under the seat in front of me. After the plane landed and all passengers surrounding me left the plane I left the plane too - without the camera ...

At the customs check I realized that I missed my camera and started to run to the plane. Unfortunately it was not possible anymore. I instantly called the baggage check service and approx. after 15 minutes we got a call that the camera wasn't there. 15 minutes after I left the plane!

Passengers are out of the question because I sat at the window and nobody saw the camera. Additionally fact: I was the last person in the row - so nobody saw the camera. Now there are two groups who can robed the camera: the stewards and the cleaning staff.

I don't think that the stewardess stole the camera because normally all stewardess leave the plane in a group, such a big camera would focus the colleagues. Furthermore, stewards do not check seats for forgotten baggage.

On the other hand cleaning stuff members are clean up all corners - including the place under the seat - and they are normally alone. E.g. each of then has an assigned area ...

It is so sad that this audacious burglary can happened at a Lufthansa flight. I am really disappointed and unhappy with this incident. I booked 95% of my flights via Lufthansa, I prefer to spend some more money and enjoy a warm atmosphere as well as the sense of a technical maintained airline. Maybe I should reconsider my position and switch to another airline (e.g. Emirates).