Finally: a dream comes true. Doubling or even increase tenfold the clock frequency of your CPU without costs by modifying some variables. Drawback it just works under use of a hypervisor; a virtual environments under kvm. ;-)

Just kidding, but as explained yesterday in a blog posting my idea was to introduce a decoupled behavior of the virtual clock. Actually I had no notion to explain the implementation in detail. Just some aspects: the mechanism does not use a utilize a virtual interrupt, on the contrary a memory page is mapped into the guest. The patch modifies some places, in the hypervisor as well as in the guest implementation. Currently a multiplier (called @time_machine_mult@) control the clock rate but there are some improvements possible, especially if several guest instances are run in parallel. Network test setups for example connected via VDE with a unify time source requirements will need a more synchronized environments.

After some beautyfications I will push the patch upstream.