Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

— Benjamin Franklin (11 Nov. 1755, Reply to the Governor)

Welcome to my web site - my name is Hagen Paul Pfeifer. I am Senior Development Expert for Network Protocol Software. This description is shameless stolen from my business card but fortunately reflects what I am doing nearly perfect: I am a little bit older network protocol guy who use vi. You can use your sweathearted search engine of choice to search for additional information about me. The about site list profound information about me - including a photo. The talks site collects some presentations I held over the past years and finally the blog site collects posts that I wrote occasionally.

You can write me an email. But note that I prefer encrypted/signed email:

  • Key Id: 0x98350C22
  • Key Fingerprint: 490F 557B 6C48 6D7E 5706 2EA2 4A22 8D45 9835 0C22

For chat (XMPP also known as Jabber):

  • OTR Fingerprint: 394241E1 2EBB9FBD E11C222E 04B28D3E A7BB0350

Disclaimer: this is a private web site. Content here do not reflect any opinions from my employer or organisations where I am involved.